C2E Vision

The vision of C2E is to solve the unemployment issue which is growing at an alarming rate and might lead to the economic crisis in India. We aim to accomplish this by generating jobs in the manufacturing sector and acting as a pillar to Make in India initiative which aims to create 100 million manufacturing jobs.

C2E Mission

Our primary mission is to is to train the Engineer’s w.r.t different Manufacturing Industries by using ‘Reverse Engineering Education Technique’.It aims to train engineers w.r.t. market demand and industry standards.

Our secondary mission is to offer ‘Manufacturing Workshops’ to the top rank holders of the C2E’s manufacturing exam. This will promote the establishment of Small and Micro Scale manufacturing Industries and offer self-employment (best solution to unemployment). It will also help in generating employment opportunities when they grow big in future. 

About C2E

C2E is an educational firm register as Complex Edges Education Pvt Ltd and located in Bangalore, Karnataka. We offer classroom training programs w.r.t. different manufacturing industries. Currently, we offer three manufacturing courses and train students with CADD software’s, Office Suite and Product Manufacturing. Our experts and trainers are experienced professionals from the different manufacturing industry. 

C2E Courses

C2E offer courses related to different manufacturing Industries. The courses offered by C2E are a unique combination of all the three department knowledge i.e. Designing Department, Manufacturing Department & the Quality Department. Currently, we are offering following courses:-

Course Topics

There are a total of 8 topics to be covered during the course which can transform a ‘Fresher into the Experienced’. Moreover. these 8 topics can also help the engineer to get any manufacturing job. The 8 topics to be covered are as follows:-

1. Design Department

2. Manufacturing Department

3. Quality Department

4. Universal 

C2E Seminar

We also offer a Free Seminar where we discuss top ten manufacturing topics which can get you any Manufacturing Job. To book your seminar, Click here.

C2E Demo Class

We also offer a Free Demo Class where we provide a exposure to our unique course material. We also discuss all the topics related to our course. To book your demo class, Click here.

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