What after Mechanical Engineering?

What should I do after Mechanical Engineering? You must be frequently asking this question to yourself, while or after pursuing your mechanical engineering degree. 

And you must do. You mustn’t forget that your decision plays an important role in developing your future. One mistake and you might have to regret it all your life.

In this article, you are going to learn about the 13 different career options after mechanical engineering and you will also learn about the road to these options.

13 career options after mechanical engineering

  1. MS
  2. M Design
  3. Core Private Job
  4. Core Government Job
  5. MBA
  6. Graduate Marine Engineering
  7. Other Government Job
  8. Sales Job
  9. Bank Job
  10. Tech Support Job
  11. M Tech
  12. BPO Job
  13. Defense

1. MS 

Do you like technology? If the answer is yes, opt for MS without giving it a second thought. This is by far the best option for technology geeks.

The United States of America is the best option for MS but there are many top ranking colleges located in Germany, UK, and Australia too. However, the jobs are more in the US as usual.

The Road to MS

The best thing about MS is you need not to compete like other entrance exams in India. However, there is a certain marks border which you must cross to get into a good college.

The Road to MS requires 3 things: –

MS Requirement
Minimum Requirement for MS
  • GRE

This primary requirement for MS is GRE or Graduate Record Exam. There are some universities outside US that doesn’t ask for GRE score such as the Technical University of Berlin. However, having a GRE score on your resume increases your chances of getting selected.

You can take GRE exam after every 21 days & the results are valid till 5 years. 


The secondary and the must-have requirement for admission in MS is TOEFL or IELTS. Many students confused themselves with TOEFL or IELTS but the thing is that both of them are widely accepted by the universities all around the globe. 

Although, many University in the US gives more priority to a TOEFL score than IELTS whereas IELTS is mostly accepted by universities in Germany, Australia etc.

Still Confused?

Check this out: Should You Take TOEFL or IELTS? 4 Factors to Consider

  • LOR

The final requirement is Letter of recommendation or LOR. It is a letter written by your HOD, Principle, Employer or even one of your Linkedin connection who recommends you for this option.

Although, there are several other requirements such as a SoP, prior work experience, native language if applying for Germany etc.

If you are really into it and want a free consultant to guide you towards GRE Preparation, Byju’s are great at this. Book your GRE consultant here

2. M Design

Do you love to design product? Are you good with your drawing skills? Then MDes. might be the best career option after mechanical engineering for you.

Although, MS covers technological designing but with MDes. you can pursue your career in technological design in India. 

Many students aren’t aware of this program making it very less competitive as compared to other government exams such as M Tech.

The road to M Design

If you are looking to pursue this degree in IITs or IISc then the only way is through CEED or Common Entrance Examination for Design. This exam is hosted every year by Indian Design Centre(IDC).

The CEED exam is conducted in two parts. The first part or Part A is objective. It’s like a design aptitude test. The second part or Part B is a test of your drawing skills and creativity skills.

Yes, it less competitive but you will definitely need a training to qualify for this. DQ Labs are the best in the market for CEED training.

3. Private Core Job

If your aim is to get a job and not to go for higher studies then this is the best career option after mechanical engineering. It is shorter, cheaper and easier than all the rest of the options. 

Many students find this option difficult. The reason behind this is that they aren’t aware of the procedure that can get them into a core company. 


Whether you are going for MS, M Tech, Government Job or MBA, you gotta follow a procedure. You either have to prepare for GRE for MS, CAT for MBA and GATE for M Tech or Government Job. 

The question is ‘Is there a procedure to get a private job too?’

Yes, there is one.

The road to Core Private Job

To get a job in a private core industry you do not need to qualify for any exams. Although being a fresher you must have some skills related to product designing and manufacturing.

There are two things which I highly recommend you to have on your resume before applying for any private core cob.

  • Software Skills

The primary requirement of getting into a core industry is software skills. And by software skills, I mean both CAD software and Spreadsheets (most desired software skill).

The issue with CAD software is that there are too many of them and choosing the right one might be difficult. 

Here are the 5 ways to choose the right software to learn

  • Internship

Another must-have skill in your resume is an Internship. At present, none of the core company want to spend their money and time for the training of their employee. 

This the reason why they favor the experienced candidate more than a fresher.

However, with an internship, you can overcome this gap. Here is an 8 step guide to get a mechanical engineering internship.

With these two skills in your resume, you are already 50% done. You just need to find a company which matches the skills you have. 

There are several institutes offering this type of training. C2E is one of the prominent manufacturing training company, which offers classroom training with an assured internship.

4. Core Government Job

Wanna be on cloud nine, go for core government job. In India, a government job is like a lifeguard. The salary is high with full job security and much less work than a private core job.

Although be careful, a government job is like finding a needle in a haystack. According to our research, 373 candidates fight for a single seat for a government job exam every year (the survey was performed for 13 government jobs exam).

Government Jobs

The Road to Core Government Job

There are three ways through which you can get a core government job.

  • GATE

The GATE exam not only helps you to get a job but also helps you to go for M Tech if your score is just decent. 

Yes, you need to score extraordinary marks to secure a government job. But once secured, the life gets set.

  • JE

The JE or Junior Engineer exam is like a smaller version of the GATE exam. Also, it is less competitive than the GATE exam and the salary is also less. 

  • IES

If you are too good with your technical subjects, you can give it a try. Actually, it is a bigger version of the GATE exam. 

No, preparing for IES won’t prepare you for GATE and JE too. Try to choose first and then start your preparation.

If you want to prepare for any of these exams, Made Easy is the best coaching platform in Indian. You can even buy their study material or online training course.

5. MBA

There is a new buzz in the market, ‘Go for MBA after engineer and you will be blessed with a job’. Trust me, if you end up pursuing your MBA from Tier 2 or Tier 3 college, your situation will get worse from what it is now.

In fact, MBA without experience makes no sense. Even if you are interested in doing MBA, make sure to do it from a reputed college. 

The Road to MBA

There are two ways of doing MBA i.e. In India and Outside India.

  • In India

There are several exams to pursue MBA in India such as CAT, SNAP, MAT, XAT etc. All these exams are almost similar, only the type of college changes.

If you need to consult someone regarding MBA in India, one of my friend’s Parmik Tomar might be helpful. Comment Below if you want to connect with him.

  • Outside India

GMAT is the only option if you want to pursue MBA outside India. You will also need a relevant TOEFL score for admission in the US.

I repeat MBA without experience is of no use. In fact, there are several colleges for which experience is an eligibility criterion.

Time is one of the best institutes for the CAT but 2 time CAT topper Raveendran BYJU has a leading MBA training business right now. I would suggest you opt for BYJU’s if you are looking for MBA training.

6. Graduate Marine Engineering(GME)

All of a sudden, Marine Engineering has emerged as a new career option after mechanical engineering. You just need to go through one year of training after pursuing your mechanical engineering degree. 


The Road to GME

There are around 20 prominent institutes in India, which offers Marine Engineering training. All of them have a different procedure of admission. You must directly contact these institutes for admission.

7. Other Government Job

This ‘after mechanical engineering career option’ is for those who are not good with their technical subjects but are keen to join a government organization. 

In fact, I would suggest this option more than the core government job option as you get almost the same amount of salary(excluding salary with GATE/IES). 

The Road to Other Government Job

Combined Graduate Level (CGL) or Combined Higher Secondary Level(CHSL) exams are conducted by SSC to recruit staff to various posts in ministries, departments, and organizations of the Government of India.

Although these exams are competitive (CGL- 400 candidates/seat, CHSL- 450 candidates/seat), you have a good chance of getting selected as you are competing against BSc, BA, and BCom students. 

If you are looking to prepare for these exams, you can contact one of my friends, Vimal Kumar.


Another government job option after mechanical engineering is  Non-Technical Popular Categories examination. It is the most competitive exam of India in terms of student participation.

Last year 2 crore candidates applied for this exam for 1 lakh seats. However, being an engineer you have higher chances of getting selected. 

  • IAS


This is one is the most difficult exam in India and not for those who are looking for a job. Even after 2-3 years of preparation students are unable to clear this exam. 

Yes, trust me. One of my friend’s brother(GATE qualified) tried for this twice but didn’t clear.  

You better choose this option at your own risk.

8. Bank Job

Another career option after mechanical engineering is to go for a Bank Job. Be careful though, this is brutally competitive. Not just engineers but students from BSc, BCom, and BA background are also competing against you. 

According to our research, there are 734 candidates per job post for SBI bank PO exam. Still, if you looking for a high salary job to start your career with, you can give it a try.

The road to a Bank Job 

There are three different exams that can help you secure a bank job.

  • SBI

From a bank job, the first and the foremost comes to mind is SBI. This exam is held for both Clerk and PO post. It is divided into 4 parts. 

Preliminary, Mains, Group Discussion and personal interview. Yes, it’s a long procedure and trust me brutally competitive.

  • IBPS 

Similar to SBI, Institute of Institute of Banking Personnel Selection(IBPS) conducts exam for both Clerk and PO post for public banks except SBI. However, it is less competitive than SBI as it offers a higher number of vacancy.

  • RBI B Grade

The third bank exam is RBI B grade. It is conducted by Reserve Bank of India and comes with the highest salary as compared to other bank exams.

If you are looking for a bank job, there is no way to qualify for it without proper training. Some candidates from UP and Bihar prepare for two years for this exam even before their first attempt.

Career Launcher is a great platform to start your training for any bank exam.

9. Sales Job

If you are a hard-working student with good communication skills, opt for a sales job after mechanical engineering. You might be thinking what is the use of your technical background then? 

Don’t worry B2B salesman might end up earning a lot more than an engineer. Also, you might end up selling technical products, where your technical knowledge can come in handy.

The road to Sales Job

Make a profile on Amcat, Fresherworld & other job portals. These job portals are flooded with a sales job. As a matter of fact, businesses today are concentrating more on sales than the product.

10. Tech Support

You might have heard of TCS – The highest valued company of India($100 Billion) and not just TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant all these companies are ranked in the top tech companies in the world.

Starting your career with these company might be the best option. The chance of growth is much higher in these companies in comparison to other companies. 

Yes, you will have to learn lots of computer science stuff but that won’t be a difficult job. I have myself learn to code it’s easier then to design.

The road to Tech Support Job

The best way to the Tech Support Job is through your campus placement. Several Tech Support companies hire in mass number through Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges. 

If unlucky, upload your resume to several job portals and I’m sure you will receive an interview call letter soon.

11. M Tech

Another decent career option after mechanical engineering can be M Tech. Prepare for GATE, score decent marks and that’s it. 

The Road to M Tech

If you are looking to pursue your MTech in a government college, the only way is through GATE exam. Trust me, M Tech from Tier 2 & Tier 3 colleges will be of no use.

Also, the best advantage of pursuing MTech through GATE exam is that you get a scholarship of Rs 12,400.

Whether it be GATE or IES or PSU exam Made Easy is the best guide for your preparation.

12. BPO Job

The final option after mechanical engineering is a BPO job. I would rather suggest you do not even consider this as an option. Go for this option when you are out of cash.

The Road to BPO Job

Apply at 24/7, they have a job opening 24*7. HGS, SSG Info Service are few other companies which offer BPO job too.

13. Defense

This option is up to you. I won’t suggest you this option until & unless you are highly motivated to serve Indian Defense. DO NOT apply for it just for the sake of getting a job. 

Even if you apply for it, you will get rejected during your SSB due to lack of motivation. Although, if motivated, it will be like a cake walk for you.

Indian Army

The Road to Defense

There are several exams that can help you to be a part of Indian Defence. Although, there are several eligibility criteria’s for these exams. So, make sure to check before applying for it. 

  • CDSE

Common Defense Service Examination is the primary exam conducted by UPSC twice every year for recruitment into IMA, OTA, INA, and IAA. So, it is more of an ‘All in One Exam’.

  • UES

University Entry Scheme is another way to join Indian defense forces. It is almost similar to CDSE with few changes. It mainly deals with joining Indian Navy.

  • AFCAT 

If you want to be the part of Indian AirForce, go for AFCAT. If you are a gamer then you must give it a try. The final round of AFCAT exam is all about playing games.

If you are serious to join Indian Defence, I would suggest you get some training from SSBCrack before applying for it. During this training, you will also realize whether you are serious or doing it just for the sake of a job.

These are only the limited options. There are several other options. Don’t worry if it’s not related to your core background.

Just ask yourself, what you love to do the most? or Google the highest number of unfilled job post. Try to do some courses related to it either online or classroom and you are done.

You will definitely find the right career path.  

Best of Luck!

What do you think? Which after mechanical engineering career option suits you the best? or Are you going for a completely new option?

Comment Below!

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