The ‘Manufacturing Guide’

The Manufacturing Guide

This E-book is a manufacturing guide for the engineers, designers, manufacturers and quality inspectors all across the globe.

About the Guide

This Manufacturing guide contains ‘6’ different manufacturing topics, two each from all the three departments i.e. Design Department, Manufacturing Department and Quality Department.

Guide Details

  • Print Length: 58 Pages
  • File Size: 3.69MB
  • Language: English
  • File Type: PDF
  • Publisher: C2E

How is this guide going to help you?

For Students:

Getting a job at the present time, where unemployment is at its peak might be a difficult task. Especially, a fresher who doesn’t have any prior work experience has to go through a rigorous job search process. This is the reason behind many engineers from core branches of engineering are opting for an IT or a sales job. However, this guide can help you get any manufacturing job. 

For Employees/Employers:

  • This guide will help you to enhance your engineering manufacturing skills. 
  • The guide contains the much needed but still underrated topics of the manufacturing world. 
  • This guide will not only help you to decrease your losses using COPQ but also to increase your profit using DFMA.