Getting into your Dream Mechanical Company

The world is made up of machines. From automobiles to defense and from space to robotics, all these are machines. This makes Mechanical ‘The Royal Branch of Engineering’ as without machines we are incomplete. There are approximately 1.86 lacs mechanical company all over the world serving different mechanical sectors such as automobile, aviation, naval, machinery etc. This large number makes our job of choosing the dream mechanical company much more difficult.  

Dream Mechanical Company

In this article, I’m going to discuss briefly on choosing your dream mechanical company and later, I will discuss how to get into your dream mechanical company?

Why do you need to choose your Dream Mechanical Company?

Choosing your dream mechanical company is a difficult job but once chosen, your rest job becomes easier. Below are the three different reasons proving, how this decision is worth making.

1. Increases your chances of getting hired

Which is your Dream Mechanical Company?

Every job aspirant comes across this question while facing an interview. The idea behind this question is to learn whether you are a target oriented student or just a job hunter. It one of the most important questions asked in the interview. Also, your selection might depend on your answer to this question.

2. Makes you Target Oriented

Becoming target oriented is the best thing, you can do it to yourself. This makes you more focus towards your future & long-term goal. Moreover, there is a Buddhist saying – “If you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is keep on walking”. So, always have a goal. 

Remember: “It’s not about getting the Job, It’s always about getting the right Job”.

3. Makes your job looking process easy

Applying for 100 companies and getting call letter from none makes no sense. It’s better to find your dream mechanical company, learn the skills required to work there and then start applying.

Getting into your Dream Mechanical Company 

Getting into your dream mechanical company is less difficult than choosing it. If you have the skills and experience to work in that particular company then it’s like a walk in a park. However, if we consider the present scenario where:-

  • The supply of engineers is much higher than the demand.
  • And poor Indian education system which is continuously producing unskilled engineers.

This is the reason behind most of the Research & Development company looking for 6 to 10 years experienced engineers or the engineers with a master degree. Thus, it can be said that getting into a dream mechanical company for fresher might be a time-consuming job. Although, by following the below procedure this time can be reduced by more than 50%.

How to choose your Dream Mechanical Company?

We have Automobile Sector, Machinery Sector, Household Sector, Space Sector, Naval Sector & General Electronic Sector under the mechanical domain and all of them comprises two different departments.

1. One of the Department is Research and Development department.
2. The other is Production i.e. Manufacturing department.

Based on these two departments, we have two different types of Mechanical Companies. They are: –

  1. Visible Company: The company that does the research and development work.
  2. Hidden Company: The company that does the manufacturing work.

For Example: –

HERO, TVS, Kawasaki, YamahaIndian Aspire parts Pvt Ltd.
NIssan, Maruti, Suzuki, HondaBestex MM Pvt Ltd.
ABB, TMEIC, Schindler, ABM EnergoAdobe Metals Pvt Ltd.
Apple, HMD Global(Nokia), SonyFoxconn Pvt Ltd.

To check for the other top MNCs supplier follow the link.

This means that every MNC hires a supplier for their Manufacturing work. So, being a Fresher one can start his/her career from any of the supplier or a manufacturing industry and later on move to his/her Dream  Mechanical Company.

How to get into your Dream Mechanical Company

Once chosen, the rest job becomes easy. Below is the procedure to get into your dream mechanical company.

1. Learn few things 

You fresher can learn how to design, manufacture & inspect product w.r.t. a particular manufacturing industry. For example:- 

  • Electric Panel for Sheet Metal Industry
  • Car Bonnet for Plastic Industry
  • Crankshaft for Furnace Industry

You will need to learn Cad Software, DFMA, GD & T, Manufacturing Processes & Machineries, COPQ, Ergonomics, CAPA, different manufacturing defects, their causes & remedies. 

2. Begin your career with a manufacturing Industry

Based on your Dream Mechanical Company, you can choose your manufacturing industry. We already know that mechanical manufacturing is divided into three different types of industry namely Sheet Metal Industry, Plastic Industry & Furnace Industry. To start the career you can choose any one of these industries.

Let’s say, if you want to work for Honda in future then you can start your career at Bestex MM or Adobe Metals.

3. Your experience will lead you to your Dream Mechanical Company

You can work in any of the above two Manufacturing Industry for 2-4 years and meanwhile apply for the dream company. Try to learn about the products which are manufactured in your company. For Example:- Learn about clutch & brake design of Kawasaki if that’s your Dream Company. In this way, you might end up in research and development department of your dream mechanical company.

Best of Luck!

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      1. One of our student got placed today. The point to be noted is 10 days before he wasn’t even aware of the subject ‘DM’ & the lesson learned is ‘Apply for the job that suits you & the job will be yours’.

    1. We have just started working on CIVIL courses. Once we have the enough knowledge about the subject, we will start blogging about civil too.

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