Engineering Project

Final year Engineering Project is the most important subject of your entire engineering degree.

This project is incorporated into every B.Tech course in order to make the course much more interesting and rewarding for the students. The motive behind the final year Engineering project is to synthesize the theoretical and practical work studied by the students in the initial three years of the course.

In this article, I will discuss the ways of choosing the right Engineering project. Later, I will discuss benefits of engineering projects & finally, the Dos & Don’ts related to Engineering Projects.

Choosing the rightest Engineering Project

It won’t be wrong to say that Engineering project might act as a career decider. It either lifts up your career or takes it down. Well, there are several benefits choosing the right project which we will discuss later. For now, let’s focus on the ways of choosing the right project. Ways to choose the rightest project:-

1. The project should be based on your likes & abilities.

You might have heard these lines “You need be Believer first, in Order To Be An Achiever.”

You must believe in your abilities and trust yourself in order to achieve your desire. One thing you should keep in mind before choosing the project is that, don’t blindly follow the trend. For example, suppose everyone is choosing a project in Automobile sector that doesn’t mean you have to go with the flow. You need to make sure that you’re good enough to do that work, if not, then choose the technology that you’re more convenient with. 

2. The project must be focused, more on learning than difficulty.

Choosing the rightest project is that you have to take the project as simple as possible. By advising you to go for simpler projects I’m not telling to doubt your abilities, but by simple I mean to say that you need to be aware of the deadline that is in front of you to complete the task. Most of the times in order to impress the faculty, students take the very tough project, but could not able to complete in the given time which eventually costs him/her on the mark sheet. One of my friends opted for a project which can be used to fly humans. The result was that he & his team failed which eventually cost him on the mark sheet.

3. The project should be updated with the latest technology.

While choosing your final year engineering project just make sure that you’re staying updated with the latest technology. Many times I have seen students facing this problem. As in your training, you learn the basic technology, but in the market, there is already an advanced version available. So, you end up with a product which is already available in the market. In order to avoid it, you can also search on Google for the latest technology and learn it online with the help of YouTube videos.

4. Choose the right project mentor or project training company.

After developing all the skills, it is the time to give you the most important advice on the all the tips that you have gone through so far. As mentioned in point 2, ‘Flying Human’ project failure, the project mentor also played an important role in this failure. He was so stubborn that in spite of several initial failures, he insisted them to work on the same project. Eventually, they ended up losing their marks.

Moreover, many students tend to choose a company for their final year engineering project. But very few companies ensure you a good placement after the training is over. For example, many of my friends did their project in a mechanical company & now they are working for an IT company. So now when you go to choose a company for your training, make sure they are ensuring you to get the right job as well once the training is finished.

Benefits of choosing the rightest Engineering Project

Everything is waste if you are not getting benefit from it. And when it comes to engineering project there are several benefits of it. Few of them are as follows:-

1. You got something to talk about in your interview.

If your project name & intro is catchy then that’s it. You may end up with a half n hour interview & all the time talking about your project. And trust me, this is the best way to impress the interviewer.

2. It adds weight to your resume. 

Your resume is everything in your interview. And a good industry project adds weight to your resume. There are also some other methods to improve your resume but this is the best method as it tells an interviewer more about your practical knowledge than theoretical.

3. It can increase your overall percentage by scoring 90-95% on this.

As per the recent survey, more than 85% of engineering students score more than 90% in their engineering project. A decent way to increase your overall percentage. 

4. It increases your chances of getting Employed.

Yes, that’s true. If you are completing your project with a renowned company then it ultimately increases the chances of you getting hired.  Moreover, if are having an interview with some company & your project is based on the work of that company then it ultimately increases your chances of getting hired.

5. It tells your interviewer about your industry taste.

Your project relates you to your industry taste. Let’s say for example your project is ‘Tyre Pressure Monitoring System’. It gives your interviewer an idea that you are interested in Automobile Industry domain. 

6. It increases your non-technical skills

Working on an engineering project increases your non-technical skills too. You prepare a presentation on powerpoint, Project report on work & manage data on Spreadsheets. All these are Office Suite apps that means you are even able to handle non-technical office work.

7. Other Benefits

Apart from all these, there are several other benefits of engineering projects such as leadership skills, communication skills, Team Spirit etc.

Other Benefits of Engineering Projects

Do’s & Dont’s related to Engineering Project

There are several Do’s & Dont’s related Engineering Project 

1. Be careful with the team you choose.

A team is a foundation for an engineering project. Always go for same people with different skills rather than going for different people with skills. Be careful with the egoist & overconfident people. They might be good at their job but good as a team member.

2. Estimate the amount of money you need for the project.

Be careful about the amount of money you have. Your engineering project is alive as long as you have money in hand. Therefore, you must estimate the amount you are going to need before finalizing your project.

3. Buying some parts is OK, but never think of buying the entire project.

If you are an electrical engineer you may buy mechanical parts & vice versa. But you should never buy the engineering project. Nowadays, most of the engineering students are buying their projects instead of building it themselves. It’s like hitting your leg with an Axe. You will learn more from a self-made unsuccessful project than from the successful bought one project. 

In the end, I’ll leave you with some cool websites for choosing the best Engineering Project.

  1. Mechanical Projects
  2. Electrical Projects
  3. Manufactuirng Projects
  4. Civil Projects
  5. Computer Science

Best of Luck!





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