How is this course different from other courses?

This course deals with the technical knowledge related to Core Mechanical Industry which includes all the departmental training such as Designing, Production, and Quality. The study materials for the course is prepared by working within the particular type of Industry.Softwares covered are Solidworks, AutoCAD Lt, and Excel.

Who are our trainers and experts?

We have a team of experienced industrial engineers from different core Manufacturing Industries. Moreover, we work continuously on the improvement of course material w.r.t. change in industry standards with time.

Who are our potential customers?

As a matter of fact, our customers are insecure engineers who are willing to work for any job profile just for the sake of job irrespective of their core domain. This makes them unskilled for the job. And also lead to lack of interest in the job (a big threat to their growth rate).

How have we managed to make a short duration course for the entire Industry?

While designing this course we followed Pareto Principle. This means we have covered the 20% of the Industry which accounts for the 80% of the jobs to be performed in the Industry.

Benefits of these courses:-

  1. Specializes you in the field Core manufacturing Industries.
  2. Transforms you from a Fresher to Experienced.
  3. Helps you in gaining the  Trust of the interviewer.
  4. Provides you with a competitive advantage over the other Fresh Engineers.
  5. Acts as a road b/w your college and the Industry.

Why Trust Us?

We believe that every Engineer deserves a job in his/her engineering domain in spite of working in different other domains as an unskilled engineer.Our Aim is to direct the engineers to the right career path where they can learn, grow and create.

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