Getting a Job in the present scenario is not an easy challenge. Freshers are unable to get a Job even after getting a graduation or a master degree. In a country like India where suplly>> demand, you might end up with zero offer letters even after a month of Job Search. In my previous article, I have discussed the top 8 reasons why engineers ending up being underemployed whereas, in this article, I will discuss the top ten ways to improve your chances of getting a job and save yourself from being underemployed.

10 ways to improve your chances of getting a Job

1. Get some non-technical skills

These skills might look underwhelming but they have their utmost importance in your resume. The most important non-technical skill you must have is Spreadsheet Skills. More than 81% of the jobs required this skill & around 80% of the companies use Microsoft Excel to manage their data.

Moreover, according to indeed, Microsoft Excel is the most desired skills in the Job Posting.

Most Desired Job Skill

Few other non-technical skills are MS Powerpoint, MS Word, different ERP software etc.

2. Get an Internship/Industrial Training

Adding an industry experience certificate to your resume makes a lot of sense. It tells your interviewer about your practical knowledge & your industry taste. But make sure to get this experience in your dream company domain. Few of my friends got 1-year training from the mechanical company & now they are working for an IT company. This makes no sense.

Similarly, having an Industrial training at a Sheet Metal Industry & going for a Plastic Industry Job will make no sense. Same is suitable for android & ios development training & same for So, you better choose your training based on your dream company.

3. Get some technical skills

Every engineering domain requires some extra technical skills. Apart from your theoretical & practical knowledge, you also need some designing & programming skills. Technical skills required as per different branch are as follows:-

  • Mechanical – Learning some CAD/CAM/CAE software might increase your chances of getting hired. There is more than 20 software in the market, you can choose the one that suits you the most. 20+ Cad software, Which one should I learn.
  • Electrical –  Learning some circuit designing software like Eagle, Pad2Pad, MatLab & some basics of programming languages might increase your chances of getting hired.
  • Civil – There many software based on the sub-discipline of Civil Engineering. Here is the list of top 10 Civil Software. Learning any one of these might increase your chances of getting hired.
  • Computer Science – This is the most demanding branch in the current decade & may be in the next decade too. Top 5 languages to learn are SQL, Java, Python, JavaScript & C++. Every language has its own purpose. So, you can learn one based on your dream job.

4. Choose the rightest engineering project

Well, this can help you to get your dream job. Your Engineering project tells about your taste of the industry. For example – If your project is ‘Tyre Pressure Monitoring System‘ then it tells that you are interested in an Automobile industry. You might have several technical &  Non-technical skills but if you have an outdated & unprofessional engineering project then there are very fewer chances of you getting the job.

How to choose the rightest Engineering Project & its benefits.

5. Networking [Both offline & online]

Nowadays, social networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Quora has become one of the best routes to finding a job. Our research reveals that 16% of employers recruit on social networks. So, be active on popular social networking websites like Facebook, Quora, and LinkedIn. In any case, don’t waste your time networking blinding. Always connect with those people who you think can bring you career benefits in some way or the other.

Moreover, 44% of recruiters use employee referrals. If you want to boost your chances of landing a job really quickly, you should try to connect with more and more influential people, both offline and online. Attend social and community events where you can get to know new people. My advice is to use both offline & online methods to get amazing results.

6. Job Portals

Around 48% of recruiters utilize different job portals to hire their employees. it’s always advisable to submit your resume to the major job portals. You can also save time job searching by using advanced search options on job portals. All the major job boards have an “Advanced Search” option where you can search by keyword, location, a radius of a location, job title, company, type of job, date posted and other options. 

Best Job Portals available in the market are as follows:- 

  1. Glassdoor
  2. Indeed
  3. LinkedIn Jobs
  4. Career Builder
  5. Simply Hired
  6. Craiglist
  7. Naukri Alerts
  8. Elitmus
  9. Amcat
  10. Fresherworld

Different Job portal Shares

But be careful, these job portals mainly offers you the in-demand jobs such as PHP developer, Data Analyst, Graphics Designer, Web Developer, Digital Marketer, Database Developer etc. If you are looking for core mechanical, electrical & civil jobs then you might end up getting zero interviews from these job portals.

7. Choose your Dream Company

Remember:- It’s not never about getting the Job, It’s always about getting the right Job.

According to our study, 26% of employers get turned off by an entry-level applicant’s bad attitude during interviews. Well, applying for every job irrespective of the job roles & responsibilities leads to this situation. You should always focus on the jobs you’re most passionate about & qualified for. Sending out random resumes and cover letters is just going to be a waste of time. So, before you start job hunting, take the time to decide what type of job you’re seeking. You’ll have a better chance of getting selected for an interview. 

3 steps to get into your ‘Dream Mechanical Company

8. Good Resume & Cover Letter 

Your resume & cover letter makes up your first impression. According to a survey, more than 80% job aspirant gets rejected while the screening of resume & cover letter. You only have a few seconds [around 11 seconds] to impress a hiring manager enough to select you for an interview. A good cover letter includes what you can do for the company in future & a good resume includes your top technical & non-technical skills, projects & training.

How to make an Impressive Resume?

9. Start Developing your Soft skills

Of Course, technical skills and experience are great. But in the study, we found that when hiring for entry-level positions, almost all employers view communication and teamwork & leadership skills. Moreover, positive attitude is also very important as no one wants negativity in their office. These soft skills tell your employer that how well you will fit into the corporate culture, and for how long you will stay at the company.It also tells your interviewer whether you are a management material or not.

“Employers understand that everything else can be taught, so they look for the most promising raw material to work with,” says Jennifer Floren, the Founder, and CEO of Experience, Inc. 

10. Before your Interview

  • Prepare yourself for interviews.

This is standard advice for job applicants. Try to learn something about the company through the company website. What are their products? Who are their customers? etc etc. It’s also wise to take a step further and review the hiring manager’s profile on LinkedIn. They will be reviewing your online presence, and it’s expected that you will do the same for them. Moreover, you should also search the company’s name at Google News to get up to speed with recent announcements and industry trends. 

  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset 

Companies have to focus on innovation to survive and thrive these days, so entrepreneurially minded graduates are important to them. This is the reason why employers are always looking for someone who is creative, gutsy self-starter & who thinks outside the box. Almost one-third of employers say they are looking for entrepreneurship experience when hiring recent graduates. This doesn’t mean that you have to start a business. The point is to get your ideas out there and make things happen instead of waiting to be told to do something.

  • Well Dressed & Groomed

Maybe appearances shouldn’t matter so much, but they do. In fact, groomed appearance increases your chances of getting hired by 50%. So, make sure that you’re dressed appropriately for the type of job and company you’re applying to. 

Bonus Tip

Go with the Flow

The workplace is constantly changing as per the need of the corporations. All of a sudden two new job market has come to action. Job portals like Indeed are flooded with the job post of Data Analytics & Digital Marketing. According to Indeed, the number of job opportunities increased 5 times when Data Science came to action. According to their survey, there are 2.3 Jobs per qualified student in data science & 3.8 in digital marketing. 

So, In spite of applying or looking for jobs in your core domain, you can train yourself w.r.t to the market demand and get a job with much more ease.

Best of Luck!

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