Automation To take 50% of the 'IT Job'

The news is already spread all over the globe – Automation is going to kill almost 70% of IT jobs by 2019.  Indian vendors under clients’ pressure to embrace AI, cut costs, this was the headline of an article by ‘The Hindu Business Line’. In this article, I will discuss why ‘AI’ will dominate IT jobs in coming years. I will also discuss ‘Will AI surpass Human Intelligence someday & take out all the Job’. 

It was last decade when IT came in as a savior for Indian Engineers. But now automation is coming into action. Nearly, 70 percent of the Indian workforce will be considered irrelevant due to Automation. Tech analysts point out that ‘Automation’ will impact future hiring in India. Automation will affect 65 percent of the global IT offshored work and 40 percent business process work area.

“Ongoing reductions of headcount in outsourced businesses (due to automation) will eventually result in a scenario where (only) 30 percent of the workforce will remain relevant,” said DD Mishra, Research Director at Gartner.

Why ‘IT Sector’ will lose jobs to Automation?

As we all know that Tech Support doesn’t require higher intelligence skills. And as technology is increasing with pace, humans have developed a robot who can technically support them. Here, are the 2 reasons why ‘AI’ will dominate in IT Jobs:-

  • India’s  $155-billion IT sector employs around 3.9 million people in the country, and McKinsey estimates that almost half of the existing workforce will be irrelevant as they are not skilled to stay tuned to the changing market needs.
  • ‘Overseas clients of the software services industry are asking their Indian offshore vendors to invest in automation tools. In some cases, clients are willing to fund as they seek a 5-10 percent cost reduction on yearly basis, ‘said Kris Lakshmikanth, CEO, HeadHunters India.

Will “AI’ surpass Human Intelligence?

No one is sure about this question. There were many types of research made in order to find out the solution to this problem. Here, are few pieces of research on ‘When AI will surpass Human Intelligence’.

  • In a study done by the researcher, ‘Katja Grace’ at the University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute showed that there are 50% chances of AI surpassing human intelligence in 45 years. The study was done by survey around 1634 Artificial Intelligence research centers all around the world.
  • The Asian AI researchers surveyed believe that this wouldn’t take that long and will happen in the next 30 years.
  • The North American researchers believe that AI is nowhere near replacing human intelligence at least for another 74 years.

One thing is sure that AI will surpass Human Intelligence one day but will it cost all of our jobs?

Will ‘AI’ take all the Jobs?

No, Humans have always found their way out! You will lose your jobs to automation but soon find another one. As humans have always found their way out. If automation is destroying some jobs then it will also create some. Here are 2 examples of how humans find their way out:-

  • When the industrial revolution happened a couple of centuries back, people lost their jobs. That was the biggest jolt in history to jobs, but people adapted and very quickly they learned new skills and got back to work again. Probably the blacksmith wasn’t forging metal anymore, but his knowledge of it surely helped him to run machines that were doing the forging job.
  • When two decades ago computer technology got boom many jobs were lost. And again people adapted and very quickly learned new skills and got back to work again. Probably the Typewriter became the content writer, the Data Maintainer became the Data Analyst.

Well, its clear that in coming 30 to 40 years Automation will only be targeting Tertiary sectors Jobs such as IT, Transportation, Education, Banking etc. So, coming 3-4 decades of AI will not affect engineers. Engineer & Technology jobs will be available in the market.

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