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At the present time, every organization looks for hands-on experience apart from a college degree. The reason behind this is that organizations are not willing to spend their money and time on the training of their employees. Thus, increasing the importance of a mechanical engineering internship in the resume of a fresh mechanical engineering graduate.

In this article, you are going to learn How an internship can help you get a Job? & the 8 steps on getting a mechanical engineering internship.


According to Wikipedia, Internship is defined as a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time which allows a graduate to apply his/her skills to the real world applications. It also helps to learn more about the job roles & responsibilities, work culture, and work relations in an industry.

Nowadays, Internships have become an essential part of a graduate’s resume as there is no job without an internship.

Hard to believe? 

Below are some pieces of research which will help you believe this. 

How can an internship help you to get a Job?

With the increase in competition, the road to the right job has become much more difficult. I have seen thousands of graduates sending their resume to hundreds of companies via several job portals. I must admit that they are pushing their resumes into a black hole. There will be ‘No Reply’ from the recruiter as the job will be acquired by an experienced graduate or a graduate with some connections in the company.

Why is Internship important?

This makes Internships an important element of a graduate’s resume. The only thing that can separate you from a graduate with connections is your experience. This experience will showcase their skills to the employer and help them to get the job.

In fact, according to an Indeed’s research, 7 out of 10 interns get a job in the company they interned with. Also, according to a NACE research, graduates with a paid internship have 28% more chance of getting a job than the graduates with no internship.

Stick with me and follow the below 8 steps to get a mechanical engineering internship.

How to get a Mechanical Engineering Internship?

I hope you are already aware of the basic tips such as proofreading your resume before sending, cleaning up your social media accounts, dressing appropriately for the interview, being 15 minutes early to the interview, not being shy, having a firm handshake etc. I’m not dismissing all these advice but it’s more of common sense than an advice.

The 8 steps to get a mechanical engineering internship are as follows: –

1. Perform a Research

Well, this is also common sense but my sources say this as a common mistake. Many graduates apply randomly for internships without performing a proper research. So, I’m going to write about it.

The first step is to look for the industries that you’re interested in and try to figure out the industry type, location, revenue etc. Make a list of 5 to 10 industries you might want to work in and then start listing potential internships in each one on the basis of job role, paid/unpaid, LOR etc.

Internship Research

There are two things that I would like you to keep in mind before choosing the company you want to intern with.

Choose relevant Company

I have always suggested you choose a dream mechanical company. This not only makes you target oriented but also helps you to make decisions in the future easily. Once you have a dream company then you can choose the company directly or you can choose their manufacturing supplier for an internship.  

You can also choose a company that will allow you to develop your skills.

Don’t go after Money

Many of you always look for a paid internship and indeed you should. There is no substitute for a paid internship but don’t let go the unpaid internships out of your hand. Although, the main aim of your internship is to acquire some engineering skills which can help you get a job in the future. 

Which Internship will you choose?

In fact, according to a LendEdu’s internship report, 93% of the students choose for the internship that would open a lot of doors over the internship with a better pay. The survey was conducted over 720 colleges.

2. Learn about the Company

The second step is to learn about the company’s products and services. In fact, I would suggest you learn about the entire business itself. Try to look for these things: –

  • What are they known for?
  • Have they been in the news lately? If yes, then why?
  • What sort of people work there?
  • Which product is most popular?
  • Which is the least popular?
  • If people are writing about those products, what are they praising and what are they criticizing? 

You can use their website, review websites and Linkedin to learn about them. Although this will not get mentioned in your CV or cover letter, it can help you the get the employer attention during the interview.

Wait the important steps are yet to come. 

3. Get Some Software Skills

The third step is to learn. Every company uses a software to make their work easy and quick. I’m not asking you to learn the entire software rather just the basics. This will help you to say yes during the interview and you can learn it later as per the requirements.

Say Yes and learn later!

There are two software’s which I think a mechanical engineer should know.

CADD Software

The job of a mechanical engineer is to design a product and to design a product you need a software. Every software company prefers different CAD software making it difficult to know which cad software to learn. However, there is a guide consisting of 5 different ways to choose the best CAD software to learn. This can help you a lot.


This is an essential software skill which is to be acquired by every engineer irrespective of their branch. Every company produces data which is to be managed via spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. In fact, according to an Indeed research, Spreadsheets are the most desired software skill.

Most Desired Job Skill

4. Learn some Theoretical Topics

When it comes to mechanical engineering internship, software skills aren’t enough. As I mentioned earlier, you can also choose to intern with a manufacturing supplier of your dream company. This increases the requirement of learning some theoretical manufacturing topics.

You can learn about the below three topics to increase your chances of getting an internship.

Lean Tools

The first and the foremost manufacturing topic is Lean Tools. Every manufacturing company uses several lean tools such as 5S system, Kanban system, Kaizen, Jidoka etc. However, learning all the tools is not mandatory but having a brief knowledge about the most essential tool is an added bonus.

Manufacturing Processes

When it comes to a manufacturing industry internship, learning the manufacturing processes is a must thing. Here is the ‘All in One Guide’ to the different types of manufacturing processes. It will take only 10-15 minutes to learn them all. 

Quality Terms

The final topic that I would like to include is to learn about different quality terms such as CAPA, COPQ etc. Being an intern you are often asked to perform a quality audit and prepare a COPQ report. 

Note: Internships is to learn and get hired. So, as long as you have transferable skills, such as interpersonal, communication, computer, leadership, and team-building, you need not learn these skills. Although, these skills can act as an added bonus in the competitive market.

4. Do some Paper Work

The fourth and the most important step in getting a mechanical engineering internship is to make a cover letter and a CV. Make sure to make different cover letters and CVs for different internships you are applying for, don’t generalize.

Make a Cover Letter

Cover letters are very important when you are applying for an internship. It is used to showcase your enthusiasm and willingness to work for that particular company. 

Build an impressive resume

According to our research, on an average, an employer looks for 11 seconds to your resume. This increases the need for making a professional and a polished resume. Here is a 10 tips guide for building an impressive resume. I recommend you to read this before making a resume.

5. Make or Find Connections

When it comes to an internship or a job, connection plays an important role. In fact, according to a LendEdu research, 91% of the graduates agreed that connections are more important than grades while finding an internship.

Connections or Grades

Although there are several ways to find and make connections, here I’m mentioning the top three ways. 


At the present time, the best way to make connections is via LinkedIn. You can directly search for the company and send a connection request to their employees. Once you are connected, you can get engaged in their posts and tag them in your posts asking for feedback.

If you are looking for a mechanical engineering internship, one of my LinkedIn connection Aditya Prakash can help you find one.


Don’t underestimate your professors. They have tons of contacts. Try to consult every single one of them and ask for an internship recommendation. 


Now, it’s time to remember your relatives. When it comes to connection relatives are best. You might have some of your relatives or their friends in a mechanical company. Connect with them. Call them twice thrice, send them your cover letter, resume and request them to recommend you to their company. 

7. Start Applying

The second last step is to apply for the internship. Now that you are all set to apply for a mechanical engineering internship, you can use the following four ways to apply for it.

Go directly to the Company

This is the first and the most recommended way to apply. Every company has a career section on their website, you can either use this or you can directly send your resume to the recruiters of the company on Linkedin. If none of them works, trying to find out the contact number or mail ids of the recruiters and send them your resume.

Use your College Department 

The second way is to apply through your college placement department. They have connections and tie-ups with several companies. You can contact them to provide you with an internship recommendation.

Jobs Fairs 

The third way to apply for an internship is through job fairs. Many organizations and startups are looking to hire interns to get their work done at lower wages. & MeraEvent are India’s best website to look for the upcoming job fairs. US visitors can look for job fair opportunities using

Use Intern Website(Not Recommended)

The final way is to search the genius Google for mechanical engineering internship near me and you will be flooded with the options. There are many intern websites such as Graduateland, HelloIntern, LetsIntern, Internshala where you can apply for internships. However, for Indian visitors, I do not recommend these intern website as their conversion rate is negligible to zero.

8. Follow Up

The final step is to follow up. I have seen several students sending their application for internship and not following up. This not only decreases your chances of getting the internship but also makes you lose all your progress. Moreover, if you are following up, you are at the forefront of the employer’s mind i.e. increasing your chances of getting selected.

Follow Up Or Lose all your Progress

Now, this doesn’t mean sending mail after mail. Once you have applied, send a mail to the recruiter only after two weeks of the applied date. Do not even think of asking about the internship rather thanks them for considering your application. It will act as a formal thank you note and a reminder regarding your application.

Although an internship won’t be of any use if you have a different career choice. In fact, there are 13 different career option after mechanical engineering. Choose the right one for you, before taking any further steps. 

Shortcut to get a Mechanical Engineering Internship

In spite of following all these 8 steps, you might end up not getting any internship if unlucky. Needless to mention the process is lengthy. If you are very keen to do a mechanical engineering internship, there is a shortcut to get one.

There are several institutes which offer you software & manufacturing training. They build your resume, provide you with interviews and help you land the right internship. So, instead of searching for the companies you can search for the institute offering you all these stuff. 

C2E is one of the promienent mechanical training institute in bangalore. The train you with Cadd software’s, Product Manufacturing & Spreadsheets. Register now for a FREE DEMO CLASS.

Best of Luck!

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  • vishek

    An internship can be an excellent way to “try out” a certain career. For instance, you may think you want a fast-paced job in advertising after college, but after an internship, you may find that it’s not for you; that’s valuable insight that will help you choose your career path…….Facing growing competition, getting employed has become harder, companies need autonomous and independent individuals who are capable of taking the decisions related to their field of study……thanks for guiding us in times of unemployement crisis drastically hitting our country….JAI HIND..


    The government has created public-sector jobs through the injection of fiscal money, but as domestic consumption remains sluggish while manufacturing industries wobble, the problem of declining job growth seems to be getting out of the government control……..If things go on like this, employment may even contract rather than grow, as it did during the Asian currency crisis of two decades ago or the global financial crisis of 10 years ago……..Facing growing competition, which has become harder, companies need autonomous and independent individuals who are capable of taking decisions related to their field of study….thanks SIR for guiding us in times of unemployement,drastically hitting our country….JAI HIND…


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