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With ‘Make in India’ the jobs in manufacturing is increasing at an alarming rate. It is estimated that Make in India will go on creating 100 million manufacturing jobs. This will lead to an increase in demand for Production engineer & Quality Engineer (Get a Quality Engineer Job) within the organization.  

Lets Start!

A Production Engineer is someone who is responsible for supervising workers and ensuring a smooth run of the production line in order to meet customer orders. Getting a Production Engineer Job with Zero experience is easy. You just need to find the right company to apply for with a right resume.

In this article, you are going to learn about the topics you must know to get a Production Engineer Job. You will also learn how to make a resume for a Production Engineer Job? and where to apply for it. This article also contains the list of ‘Hand-Curated’ Production Engineer jobs for you.

Must learn Topics to get a Production Engineer Job 

1. GD & T

GD & T or Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing is a structured language of communication for engineers. The job of a Production Engineer is to carry on manufacturing work on the product. They perform the CNC programming & guide labor for manual work & assembly based on the drafted drawings of the different part of the product provided by the customer. 

The language used in the drafted drawing is known as GD and T. 

GD and T

In other words, GD & T helps the customer/designer to communicate with the manufacturer or quality engineer. However, GD and T are more of an addition to the coordinate dimensioning system rather than a complete replacement. 

2. Manufacturing Processes

The fundamental role of the Production Engineer is to look at the different manufacturing processes the product has to go through. Some websites mention four types of manufacturing processes while some mention five types of manufacturing processes. Although, Wikipedia lists 7 main types of manufacturing processes which we are going to discuss below. 

7 Main types of Manufacturing Processes and their subtypes

Manufacturing Process Tree

The 7 basic types of manufacturing processes are: –

  • Casting
  • Molding 
  • Forming
  • Machining
  • Joining
  • Coating
  • Additive Manufacturing 

3. Workplace Ergonomics

Ergonomics is defined as the science of designing the workplace, keeping in mind the capabilities and limitations of the worker. Poor worksite design leads to fatigued, frustrated and hurting workers. This rarely leads to the most productive and involved worker. Rather, it leads to a painful and costly injury, lower productivity and poor product quality.


In other words, industry growth depends on whether they are implementing ergonomics in their workplace or not. Moreover, the lack of workplace ergonomics leads to musculoskeletal disorders [MSDs].

4. Lean Tools

Lean tools are an important part of every manufacturing Industry. Although the lean implementation is done by the senior management, having a basic knowledge of different lean tool is a plus point for a fresher. There are more than 25 Lean Tools available in the market. However, learning about some core lean tools such as Kaizen, Kanban, 5S, Jidoka & TPM is enough for a fresher. Below is the explanation of few of them.


The 5S tool is one of the most important tools of Lean Manufacturing. It is a technique that results in a well-organized workplace integrated with visual controls and order. It is basically an environment that has “a place for everything and everything in its place when you need it”

Many confuse that the 5S system is merely a cleanup campaign. Although, it helps to get the work done more effectively and efficiently once implemented. 

5S Concept

The 5S system comprises 5 steps namely Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. The concept of 5S is similar to the PDCA cycle i.e. continuous improvement. One has to go through all the 5 steps on daily basis in order to develop an efficient & Ergonomic workplace


Kanban is a Lean Manufacturing tool which is used for management purposes. It can be defined as a traffic signal that manages the flow of traffic and meets the real-time needs of customers by sending clear signals on when to start, slow down, and stop production. 

The only difference is that each Kanban signal carries valuable information about the volume and sequencing of the production.

Simple Kanban Board

The implementation procedure of the Kanban system is achieved by using a Kanban Board. It is a visualization tool that helps you to manage your work and improve predictability, quality, and time-to-market performance. 

Depending on the industry requirement the Kanban board can either be physical or electronic. Many businesses use a physical kanban board at the time of implementing the kanban system. However, an electronic kanban board is better as it uses electronic cards instead of sticky notes and can be manipulated easily.


Kaizen is a Lean Tool used for continuous improvement. It aims to bring small continuous improvements which can help you to improve productivity, decrease defects, increase profit, and ultimately lead the organization to the path of success. 

This tool involves every member of the organization from the CEO to the shop floor staff in the improvement process. It also empowers & engages the workers at all levels of the organization to identify the opportunities for change and improvement. Thus, helping the organization to ensure the continuous improvement of all processes and systems.

5. Spreadsheets

This is a Universal topic. Every organization wants the freshers to acquire this skill. In fact, according to an research, 80% of the jobs require the understanding of  Microsoft Excel &  81% of organizations are using Microsoft Excel to manage their data. Being a part of a manufacturing organization, you have to work on several Microsoft Excel templates such as Project Planning, Inventory Management etc.

Resume Making

Resume plays an important role in your hiring process. More than 80% resume get rejected at the time of screening as they aren’t professional & polished. According to our survey, an employer looks at your resume for a few seconds while screening [approximately 11 seconds]. This means you get only 11 seconds to impress the employer & get selected for an interview. So, writing an impressive resume makes a lot of sense.

There are two basic types of resumes used to apply for job openings which are further divided into four different types. 

Types of Resume

So, take your time to choose the right type of resume for the job you are applying for. I have an article on 10 tips to write a resume & 15 mistakes to avoid in a resume and I ‘highly recommend’ you to go through them before applying for the below jobs. 

I will also recommend you to make 10 similar resumes but with different objectives and skills which is relevant for the below 10 jobs.

Where to apply?

All the time of my engineering life, I have used several job portals. I used to have an account on,, and a premium account on Fresher World but all of them gave me negligible to none job opportunities in the manufacturing domain. Although you should have an account on these, I recommend you to use India’s no. 1 job portal

This site will suggest you less number of jobs as compared to the other job portals but these jobs will be relevant to your core domain. In fact, after doing a certain amount of research I found out that is indeed the best job portal in India. Below are the two pieces of my researches: –

Ranking of Job Portals in India

The website rank of is almost 7 times more than the second highest ranked job portal of India. Moreover, when it comes to the total number of visitors stands 5 times more than the second highest visited job portal in India.

Traffic Share of different Job portals in India

The above data makes it crystal clear that is by far the most preferred job portal in India.

Hand-Curated Production Engineer Job 

Applying for the right job is not an easy task. Especially when different job portals are flooded with consultancy and Solutions. Although I have taken a lot of care in selecting these job, I would like you to recheck before applying. Below are the top ten hand-curated quality Engineer job which was posted on less than 30 days ago.

1. 0 Year Experience

Production Engineer Job 1
  • Company: ADEPT interiors Pvt. Ltd.
  • Location: Delhi
  • Job Profile: Production Engineer
  • Job Description: Reporting to Production Manager, Managing the day Production target on the Production floor, Getting inventory from the store.
  • Salary: INR 1,00,000 – 1,75,000 P.A.
  • Employment Type: Permanent Job, Full Time
  • Click Here to Apply
Production Engineer Job 2
  • Company: BIESSE India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Location: Delhi
  • Job Profile: Production Engineer Trainee [Diploma]
  • Job Description: You will be trained.
  • Salary: Not Disclosed
  • Employment Type: Permanent Job, Full Time
  • Click Here to Apply
Production Engineer Job 3
  • Company: Mahindra & Mahindra Pvt. Ltd.
  • Location: Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune
  • Job Profile: Production Engineer
  • Job Description: You will be trained.
  • Salary: INR 3,50,000 – 5,50,000 P.A
  • Employment Type: Permanent Job, Full Time
  • Click Here to Apply
Production Engineer Job 4
Production Engineer Job 5

2. 1 Year Experience

Production Engineer Job 6
  • Company: Klan On Pvt Ltd
  • Location: In and Outside Bangalore
  • Job Profile: Production Engineer
  • Job Description: Operation and Programming of Laser Cutting Machine, Working knowledge in CO2 Welding TIG Welding and Bending., Fitment of Machine Enclosures.
  • Salary: Best in Industry
  • Employment Type: Permanent Job, Full Time
  • Click Here to Apply
Production Engineer Job 7
  • Company: Steel Strips Wheels Limited
  • Location: Jamshedpur
  • Job Profile: Production Engineer
  • Job Description: Production process, RIM Line Production, Flow Production, Knowledge of Defects.
  • Salary: INR 1,75,000 – 3,00,000 P.A.
  • Employment Type: Permanent Job, Full Time
  • Click Here to Apply
Production Engineer Job 8
  • Company: Raut Engineering Pvt Ltd
  • Location: Umbergaon Gujarat
  • Job Profile: Production Engineer
  • Job Description: Production process, Knowledge of Defects 
  • Salary: INR 1,00,000 – 2,00,000 P.A.
  • Employment Type: Permanent Job, Full Time
  • Click Here to Apply

Production Engineer Job 9

  • Company: Ashwin Infotrron
  • Location: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad
  • Job Profile: Production Engineer
  • Job Description: Production planning & scheduling
  • Salary: Not Disclosed
  • Employment Type: Permanent Job, Full Time
  • Click Here to Apply
Production Engineer Job 10
  • Company: IOTA FLOW Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Location: Delhi NCR(Mayapuri), Noida, Faridabad
  • Job Profile: Production Engineer
  • Job Description: Production planning & scheduling
  • Salary: INR 1,25,000 – 2,50,000 P.A.
  • Employment Type: Permanent Job, Full Time
  • Click Here to Apply

I hope you liked the article, do share it with your friends and guide them to the right production engineer job.

Best of Luck!

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