15 mistakes to avoid while making a Resume

A resume is everything you have got to impress your employer in the first impression. Making an impressive resume is an art & it requires a lot of consideration to perform this art. In my previous article, I have mentioned the top ten tips to make an impressive resume & In this article, I’m going to discuss top fifteen mistakes that you should avoid while making a resume.

Resume mistakes

Instead of wasting your time on adding irrelevant content on your resume make it sharply focused. Add your skills and qualifications which are relevant to the job you are applying for.  Below are the top 15 mistakes to avoid while making a resume.


1. Lengthy paragraph with no bullet points

An employer gives only a few seconds to your resume while screening it. So, he/she might just gloss over the sections of your resume and miss key evidence of your qualifications if paragraphs are too lengthy. It is recommended to use small bullet points with a brief detailing.

2. Using Statements for resume summary/objective 

The first thing that an employer will look up in your resume is its summary. A summary written in form of a statement might be offending to the eyes of the employer. So, it will be better to cover your passion and vision for the company in form of bullet points. This might also increase your chances of getting selected for the interview.

3. Made up Information

Avoid exaggerating your skills & strengths. Some people mention that they know 6 different languages & they have 10 different strengths. That’s too much. Ask yourself about your real strengths & skills as at the end, they are only going to get you the job. 

4. Mentioning previous Job Role  

Employers don’t want to see, what you were supposed to do in your previous job. However, they want to learn about the skills & assets that you have utilized to accomplish these roles. You can mention about your industry project details here. 

5. Starting phrases with I

Make yourself familiar with the word ‘We’. You are going to work with a team & using the word ‘I’ won’t be a good idea. While mentioning about your skill & accomplishments use words like analyzed, created, reduced etc. instead of ‘I’. Also, avoid using other personal pronouns.

6. Irrelevant experiences

Avoid adding experiences which are irrelevant to the job role you are applying for. Even avoid job experiences which only lasted for a month or two. The employers must spend their time on your most significant relevant work experiences. The same holds true for skills. Be sure the skills you include are current and relevant to the job, otherwise leave them off your resume.

7. Flowery language 

Every phrase on your resume should point to a specific skill or accomplishment. Otherwise, it is just a distraction. You must avoid words like exquisite, outstanding or interesting etc. Always, stick to the facts.

8. Spellings or Grammatical mistakes

Your resume serves as a sample of your writing skills and evidence of whether or not you are detail oriented. Proofread your resume again & again before sending it to the employer to avoid spelling or grammatical mistake. Moreover, you can also ask your friend to do this for you as its always difficult to find your own mistakes.

9. Excess Personal information 

Avoid adding personal information like height, weight, birth date, age, sex, religion, political affiliation, or place of birth on your resume. Employers never make an employment decision based on these factors. Moreover, this may resent the fact that you are confronting them with the temptation to do so. Always keep your resume focused on the facts.

10. Hobbies & Interests 

Mentioning things which do not point to the desirable workplace skills or bear any relevance to the job must be avoided. Especially experienced individuals should provide more compelling information about themselves in the limited space of their resume. 

11. Bad Academic Achievements

Never bring academic achievement to the employer’s attention unless it is an area of strength. Things like GPAs below 3.0 or backlogs for only a semester or two should never be included in your resume. There’s no point in trying to impress a hiring manager with something that’s not impressive. 

12. Avoid photographs

Providing your photo on your resume is a bad idea unless you are applying for a modeling or acting career. Even if you think your appearance is an asset you can provide the URL of your LinkedIn profile.

13. Reasons for leaving your previous employers

There is no need to mention why you left your previous employer. It is an irrelevant information and it also looks like that you are making excuses. Moreover, there is no need to justify your career moves. 

14. Information of former employers 

Mentioning the name of the company is enough while writing about your work history. Giving irrelevant details such as company address, contact information etc. should be avoided. Although, inform your previous employer that they might get a confirmation call.

15. Your Weaknesses

I have seen many students mentioning their weakness in their resume. Avoid this, not only in your resume but also in your interview. This tells your employer that you are not working on your weaknesses even after knowing about them.

Still, Confuse. This link contains sample resumes w.r.t. different job roles.

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  1. A resume is a written overview of an candidate’s experience and qualifications, it should be written with care.

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