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The ‘Reverse Engineering Education Technique’  very famous term is showing up nowadays. Every renowned universities & college are adopting this technique of education in order to train their students with much more ease. In this article, you are going to learn about ‘The Reverse Engineering Education Technique’ and how C2E uses this technique to train Engineers.

What is Reverse Engineering?  Why is it so important in different manufacturing industries?

 The term Reverse Engineering means analyzing an existing product. In other words, it means figuring out different engineering considerations taken while designing & manufacturing that product. It basically aims to investigate the design for manufacturability & assembly [DFMA], cost of production, technical specifications of the product, manufacturing processes used etc for a particular product. Nowadays, Reverse Engineering is used by many Automobile & Aerospace Industries in order to make a new product or a competitive product [mainly done by China].
As a matter of fact, Reverse Engineering begins with a finished product and works backward to recreate engineering concepts, analyzing the design of the system and the interrelationships of its components. This converse approach is important in a variety of manufacturing processes & used by different manufacturing industries.

What is Reverse Engineering Education Technique?

Engineering is difficult and a lengthy education. To make the engineering education easy and interesting the ‘Reverse Engineering Education technique is adopted by many universities throughout the world.  It is basically based on following basic principles:-

  1. Students must discover new phenomena and concepts by themselves so that they are able to relate these concepts to previous knowledge.
  2. Motivation should be the key driving force.
  3. Teamwork must be strongly promoted.
  4. Project Oriented Learning [POL] & Problem Based Learning[PBL] is necessary.

Nevertheless, the above-mentioned learning process is inductive instead of deductive, so the students can develop skills and abilities that demand an active participation.

How C2E aims to train engineers w.r.t. to “Reverse Engineering Education Technique?”

C2E has a unique technique of reverse engineering education. Here, we train you with:-

  1. Different Industry software’s[CADD + OFFICE].
  2. Industrial Projects & their Engineering w.r.t. particular manufacturing industry.
  3. Three different departments w.r.t. a particular manufacturing industry i.e. Design Department, Manufacturing Department & Quality Department.

For this reason, we are able to transform ‘A Fresher into the Experienced’.

Let’s consider an example of our SHEET METAL INDUSTRY course we train you on:-

  • Designing [DFMA with CADD] of an Electric Panel, ATM Machine Body, Set Up Box, Engine Mounting Bracket, Loader Bucket etc.
  • Manufacturing Processes and Types of machinery used for their Production & how they are actually manufactured.
  • Quality Inspection process stage by stage & solving different manufacturing defects.
  • Making different Industry Excel templates such as BOM, Inventory Management, COPQ, Sale Quote etc.

Also, our trainers are Industry Experienced and the experience which they are going to share with you will be priceless.

In the same fashion C2E offers two more courses:-

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