Royal Mechanical Engineering

There are 40 different branches of engineering but Mechanical is known as the royal branch of engineering. Many believe it is because it is the oldest branch of engineering but Civil is oldest too. So, why not Royal Civil? Why Royal Mechanical?

Wanna know why? Let’s start!

As you may know, I’m a mechanical engineer. All my engineer life I felt proud to be a part of the ‘Royal Mechanical’ branch but one day I asked myself  Why Royal Mechanical? 

After doing a lot of research and with the help of my personal experience, I was able to figure it out Why?  

In this article, I will be sharing the 7 different reasons Why Mechanical Engineering is termed as ‘Royal Mechanical Engineering’. 

Why Royal Mechanical?  

  1. Evergreen Mechanical 
  2. Maximum Sub-Branches
  3. Demand in every Industry
  4. If it’s Hardware, it’s Mechanical
  5. Elon Musk Aero & Auto
  6. Oldest after Civil
  7. Foundation to every other Branch

Before elaborating on this section, I would like to brief a little on Mechanical Engineering. However, you can jump to this section by clicking the link above.

Mechanical Engineering

According to Wikipedia, Mechanical engineering is the discipline that applies engineering, physics, and materials science principles to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.

Wikipedia also states mechanical as one of the oldest and broadest of the engineering disciplines after civil engineering.

According to me, mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the study of machines & their mechanics. And as far as the machines are considered, Aamir Khan gave the best definition of ‘Machine’ in the movie 3 Idiots.

Mechanical Engineering

‘A machine is anything that reduces human effort & saves time’. Whether it be a Fan or a calculator or a mobile phone, all of them are machines. 

In fact, machines surround us. From the pen’s nib to the pant’s zip, everything is a machine. As a matter of fact, everything with physical appearance falls the under the mechanical department making it the widest branch of engineering.

“Give me a lever long enough & much space to stand I will move whole the earth”

Why Royal Mechanical? 

1. Evergreen Branch

Mechanical Engineering is not only known as the Royal branch of engineering but also the evergreen branch of engineering. Have you heard of this? Comment Below! 

Many say that Mechanical Engineers can work in every field and i.e. why its evergreen. This is indeed true from all ends.

The evergreen term is used because of the huge number of career options after mechanical engineering. To be very precise there are 13 different career options after mechanical engineering.

  • MS
  • M Design
  • Core Private Job
  • Core Government Job
  • MBA
  • Graduate Marine Engineering
  • Other Government Job
  • Sales Job
  • Bank Job
  • Tech Support Job
  • M Tech
  • BPO Job
  • Defense

If you want to explore more about this option follow the link above.

2. Maximum number of Sub-Branches

According to ASME, there 37 sub-branches of Mechanical Engineering. This means with one degree you have chances of getting a job in 37 different fields. Also, if you are looking for higher studies then you have 37  postgraduate degrees to choose from.

Mechanical has the highest number of sub-branches as compared to other engineering sub-branches (3 times). This is also one of the reason behind it being ‘Royal Mechanical’. 

3. If it’s hardware then it’s Mechanical

Although, Mechanical engineering deals with anything that moves, from the littlest small scale molecule to the biggest rocket. But mechanical also plays an important role in the products without motion.

Basically if its hardware, it’s mechanical.

  • Without motion, mechanical products are pins, scale sensors, restorative gadgets, OCs, power plants, air conditioners, cookstoves, sports gear, simple agriculture equipment therapies etc.
  • With motion, mechanical products are auto motors, tractors, robots, commercial & fighter planes, battle tanks, sophisticated gun, big ships & submarines, rockets, space vehicles, multi-task utilities.

4. Foundation to every Engineering Branch

 This point is important. Do you know Nicolas Tesla was a Mechanical Engineer? and also the father of Electricity?

Nicolas Tesla

Well, now you know.

From mechanical comes electrical & from electrical comes computer science. Let me explain you this a bit.

Do you have a laptop (If not buy one soon)? It is an electronic device whose electrical equipments are made from mechanical machinery which runs a computer program. 

This is also one of the reasons why mechanical engineering has its demand in all the fields of technology.

5. Huge Demand

Another reason for being Royal Mechanical is its huge demand. It’s obvious if Mechanical is a part of every industry, mechanical engineers are required in every industry. Below are my three points to justify this statement.

  • In every industry, the need for Mechanical Engineers varies from 40% to 80%.
  • Whatever product we choose, whether Mechanical, Electrical or Electronics, a major contribution of mechanical engineering is necessary.
  • Every manufacturing and production industry needs mechanical engineers to guide the research and development process.

6. Oldest after Civil

Keep Civil aside, I accept shelter might be the first invention of humankind. What about Wheels, Simple machinery(lever, pulley), Weapons etc? All these inventions are mechanical. 

In fact, for a while, Civil became stagnant (no tall buildings) but Mechanical was still on a roll. The inventions in mechanical never stopped until the computer science era began. 

7. Elon Musk working Hard

When everyone thought that the era of science has come to an end, Elon Musk came up with three companies.

  • Space X: A company that specializes in making cheap and recyclable rockets.
  • Tesla Motors: A company that specializes in making electric cars.
  • Solar City: A company that specializes in making the renewable source of energy.

All these fields were stagnant due to huge demand in the computer science field. However, now with his improvements & success, we are seeing the rise again. 

Dream Mechanical Companies in INDIA

There are several big mechanical companies in India. Choose your Dream Mechanical Company based on your industry interest. Here, is the list of top 25 mechanical companies in India:-

Top mechanical companies in INDIA

To summarize, I would like to say mechanical is one of the difficult & the coolest branch of engineering. Difficult because it is not easy to design a space shuttle and Coolest because what is more cooler than designing a space shuttle. And all these things combined make Mechanical – Royal Mechanical!

What do you think? Why is mechanical known as the royal Mechanical? Or it isn’t royal?

Comment Below!

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      India’s biggest resource is its population which is becoming a burden due to lack of job & unawareness of market opportunities. What could be better than finding them a job which will define their success & in turn India’s.


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