An engineer requires several skills to enhance his/her resume. A computer science engineer requires programming skills, mechanical/Civil engineer requires designing skills & an electric engineer requires circuit designing & programming skills. But one skill remains common to all & that’s spreadsheets Skills. According to pieces of research, 80% of the jobs requires the understanding of  Microsoft Excel &  81% organizations are using Microsoft Excel to manage their data.

Microsoft Excel [Spreadsheets]


Microsoft Excel is a software program included in the Microsoft Office suite. It is used to create spreadsheetsThey are documents in which data is laid out in rows and columns — like a big table. Due to its extreme versatility and power, Excel has become one of the most-used software programs in the business world since its launch in 1985. 

More than 30 million people worldwide now use Microsoft Excel, making it the most popular spreadsheet of all time. This figure averages more than five new users of Microsoft Excel per minute since the product’s introduction in September 1985.

Why should you learn Spreadsheets?

Microsoft Excel is considered as a standard of conveying, transferring, interpreting, computing, and even analyzing information and numbers for engineering designs and methods.  No matter what the job is, Excel makes your work easy. Here, we have two big reasons, why should you learn Microsoft Excel.

1. Based on the Job requirement

I have already mentioned the percentage of businesses using Microsoft Excel & number of jobs requiring Microsoft Excel Skill. Although, there are few other pieces of research from Indeed which shows why should you learn spreadsheets.

  • The research below shows the top twenty most desired software skills according to the job listing on Indeed. The research shows that Excel outperforms all the top skills such as My SQL, AutoCAD, Matlab, SalesForce & Photoshop. It is also the most desired software skills with 13.57% share in overall jobs posting


  • Another indeed research shows that Spreadsheets holds the highest percentage of required software skills in the Job listing. It outperforms other job roles such as design, operating system, database management system, advertising etc by acquiring 18.03% of the total job listing.

Why Microsoft Excel

  • As part of a larger 2013-2014 survey of 107 advisory board members and employer managers, one seven-point Likert scale statements were presented.

The statement was “Being able to create spreadsheets, charts, and graphs and analyze data with Excel are very important skills that students need when they graduate.” Overall 96% strongly agreed or agreed; 77% strongly agreed; 19% agreed, and none disagreed.

2. Based on the importance of Excel

  • Arithmetic calculations,  not the only use of spreadsheets

There is a Myth that Microsoft Excel is used for doing random calculations and making tables. Although, there are lots of work that can be done using excel. Few of them are:-

  • Organizing & Analyzing data.
  • Do basic and complex mathematical functions.
  • Creating UI using chart graphs, charts & tables.
  • Communicate with Team Members.

How a team updates a task progress

  • Spreadsheets make you do your work more efficiently

Everyone wants to complete their job quickly & efficiently. Excel has a pool of programs and functions which are meant to save you time. For example:- Instead of adding up 127 columns of monthly expenses yourself, you can use Excel to do the math for you, and you’ll know it’s correct.

  • Spreadsheets increase the chances of getting high salary

In the pieces of research above, it can be seen that most of the business organizations look for Excel skill in your resume. It’s obvious that an engineer with Excel skill in his\her resume not only has an advantage of getting a job but also has a chance to get high pay scale.

  • Spreadsheets make you better at your job 

No matter what you do in the office, there are chances that Excel can help you do your job better. it’s just a matter of figuring out what that is.

For instance, is there a better way you could be organizing your data? Could graphics allow you to better communicate your ideas? Do you just need a place to dump all of your brainstorm ideas? Turn to Excel next time instead of those random pieces of paper filled with your chicken scratch.

Henceforth, Spreadsheets skill can add up a little weight to your resume.

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