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36.8 billion. That’s the revenue AI software will generate by 2020 as forecasted  by Tractica Research. Currently, any work that’s pushing the forward edge of technology—including automotive, analytics, or healthcare—has big data at its core. However, that data is only as valuable as the insights we pull from it.

More than 19,000 companies are currently using deep learning to advance their respective industries, solving what was once unsolvable.Customer services like Pinterest use deep learning for image recognition, curating rich custom experiences for its users. Financial businesses like PayPal are using GPU-accelerated deep learning for fraud detection. Large Consulting Firms and other businesses are using deep learning to detect Internet security threats. And healthcare is one of the most important industries for the application of AI and deep learning. This sweeping change in the landscape of data-driven business is taking place across all industries. It’s changing how farmers herd their animals and forcing us to rethink transportation. The first self-driving public transit system is already up and running, giving us a glimpse into futuristic cities that will exist within our lifetimes.

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