Top-5 business benefits

The term software-defined data centre (SDDC) has become better known in recent years with a large software company touting it as the “next big thing” in IT in 2012. An SDDC is an IT facility parts of infrastructure – security, storage, networking and more – are virtualised and delivered as a service. It is a concept that has significantly challenged traditional hardware. The operation and provisioning of the entire infrastructure entirely automated by software. Find out what some of the top benefits of SDDC are for your business below.

#1 Supplies a business-focused approach SDDC supports how people work within the data centre and throughout the organisation through the automation of IT resource delivery through a unified process, so that your data centre operates the way you want, not the way component or siloed technologies demand.

#2 Simplifies data centre management The SDDC provides a single platform for monitoring, updating and scaling server, storage and networking resources.

#3 Increases speed of service delivery Automation and software-defined mapping of server, storage and networking resources provides increased agility, control, efficiency and reliability when deploying enterprise technology services.

#4 Extends benefits of automation and orchestration With a SDDC you can extend the benefits of automation and orchestration into any IT services delivery workflow. So IT services that were complex can now be deployed in a standard, repeatable fashion.

#5 Improves security A SDDC provides better security because it gives businesses more control over their hosted data and security levels.
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