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Scoring good marks in exams is not an easy job. In fact, the steepness of the ladder of the marks increases with the increase in the number of marks. Although, there are several exam tips which can help you to climb this ladder in an easy and a simple way.

In this article, you are going the learn about the 50 Exam tips which can help you to score from 35 marks to 70+ marks in VTU exam.

Exam Tips

Before beginning the topic I would like to introduce myself. This will help you to attain confidence in me and trust in the exam tips given by me. My name is Sayeed Afzal and I’m a Mechanical engineer cum Product Designer. During my engineering career, I scored 99 out of 100 in my Civil Paper and 35 out of 100 in my Design for Machine elements paper. This means that I have tasted both, the bottom and the top of the scoreboard. Thus, making myself perfectly eligible to provide you exam tips for scoring in VTU exam.

I will be covering these exam tips in three different sections.

i. Exam tips to Score 35 to 50 marks

This section is for those who do not have an average of 15 in their internals or just want to secure 35 marks. It will cover15 exam tips which can be used during the final remaining days of the examination.

ii. Exam tips to Score 51 to 70 marks

This section is for those who have internal average but haven’t studied a lot during the semester. It will cover 20 exam tips which can be used in the final month of the examination to secure decent marks.

iii. Exam tips to Score 70+ marks

This section is for scholars who are studying hard but unable to secure 70+ marks. It will cover exam 15 tips which can help to score extra marks with no extra hard work. 

Note: I would suggest you read the section which suits you the most especially those who want to score 35 to 50 marks. However, students who are planning for a score of 50+ marks should go through all the three sections.

Exam Tips to Score 35 to 50 Marks

This situation arises when you haven’t studied anything during your semesters and also didn’t attend any class. Here, I assume that you have an Internal exam average of 15 or less and also you don’t know anything. Below are the 15 exam tips which can help you to score 35 to 50 marks so, note them down on a sequence to get the best out of it.

1. Keep Calm

The first & the foremost tip is this situation is to keep yourself calm. You don’t have an average and you don’t have time to prepare, nothing can go more wrong until and unless you panic. So, Keep calm and stay focused.

Keep Calm and Stay Focused! 

2. Take help of a scholar

Grab or buy the book and find yourself a scholar. Get the Xerox of his/her notes. Ask him to mark the important questions. This won’t help much as depending on notes of a scholar might not be a good idea but it will still take down some pressure.

3. Get Previous Year Question Papers

One of the most important exam tips in this section is to get previous year question papers. Make the collection of 10-20 previous year exam question papers and follow the next tip.

4. Extract repeated questions

Extract all the repeated questions in the past 5-6 years. None of the questions are repeated in IIT exams but 30% to 80% questions are repeated in VTU exams every year. In fact, sometimes the entire paper is made from previous year questions with only changes in numerical value and presentation.

6. Go for theoretical ones

Once you have the question, go for the theoretical ones as numerical ones need the concept of some previous topics. The Proofs can also be considered in the theoretical ones.

7. Focus on diagrams

When it comes to theory diagrams are the must. Start practicing the diagrams now. If there is no diagram in the book, get it from the internet. A teacher gets 2 to 3 minutes to check your copy and if diagrams are there with labeling then the teacher doesn’t even consider looking at the theory. 

Fact: An examiner evaluates 100 copies a day. If he works for 4-5 non-stop hours then he gets only about 2.4 mins to 3 minutes per copy.

8. Go for the easiest units

If you are done with the above tips and still have some time is left, try to start with the easiest units. Especially, the units with diagram and theory. Ask you seniors, scholars for support.

9. Prepare 3 full units

Select any three of the easiest units and begin your preparation. If you have more than one day left then it will be an easy job and if not try to cover as much as possible.

10. Do not Smoke

If you are a regular smoker(2-3 a day) then don’t even think of smoking. It isn’t going to make any difference rather it will make you dizzy and confused. Although, if you are a chain smoker (10-20 a day), better get yourself one. It’s nothing like that it will increase your concentration or something, it will only help you calm your senses and regain your composure. 

11. Get 5-6 hours  of sleep

Sleep is necessary at the time of examination. I agree that last hour study is important but no sleep before the exam can be dangerous. It can cause a headache and might make lose concentration in the examination hall.

12. At the examination hall ‘Do no Panic’

Don’t get panic after seeing the question paper. Keep Calm and try to figure out the questions which you can answer and go for it.

13. Attempt all the questions

Do leave any question unattempted. For theory write whatever you know and for the numerical write down the given data and formulas. This will not make you lose any marks but might help you to gain some.

14. Don’t Give Up

Even if there is no time is left & your preparation is zero, don’t even think of giving up. You never know, tomorrow’s paper might be the easiest paper. Also, you might have an invigilator who allows a little bit of cheating which will get you 35 marks.

15. Only cheat, if no option is left

Although I’m not trying to promote cheating, the final tip, I would like to give is ‘Cheating’. You are already going to fail, what else could go more wrong? You can try to copy from the students nearby you. However, do not get chits and notes into the exam hall as it might get you a year back.

The above tips are enough to get you between 35 to 50 marks. The tips below are for those who have a mindset for scoring more than 50 marks. If you only want the passing marks, go for collecting previous year questions instead of wasting your time reading rest of the below tips. 

Exam Tips to Score 51 to 70 Marks

This is the most common category. More than 60% of students fall into this category. Here, I can assume that you have studied a little and have an internal exam score of 18+ marks. By following the below 20 exam tips in the final month of your examination you can score 51 to 70 marks very easily.

16. Get the notes of reputable teachers

The first tip is to gather the notes of reputable teachers. In fact, if you have studied for internals, you might already have that. These notes are better than books for exam purpose as they contain topics with reference to exams.

17. Internal Exam chapters are the must

The chapter which you have studied for your internal exams must be your first choice. You can cover these chapters in less amount of time and without a headache.

18. One chapter at a time

Don’t mix it up. I have seen many students going for two-three chapters at once. Try to get the full chapter done before going for the next one.

19. No Ratta, Only Concept works

If you can understand the concept behind the two lines then you can write four in the examination hall. However, if you mug up four lines then you might end up remembering only two in the examination hall.

20. Breakdown the content

Instead of eating for the entire day at once you eat 3-4 times a day. In a similar fashion make your study plans. Break down your content to one chapter a day consuming one topic at a time. 

21. Avoid Social Media

Try to avoid Social Media during the time period of your exams. It not only wastes your time but also causes a lot of distractions.

22. Time management

You got 2-3 days for your exam and the preparation hasn’t begun yet. Time management becomes crucial at this stage. Use an Exam timetable to manage your time better.  

23. Go for the 5 units

If you have an average of 18+, you already have command over four units. Try to cover one more so that you can attempt for 100 marks.

24. Faculty/Senior Support

Doubts are the part of the study. Every time you study something, you will have some doubts. Ask your seniors or faculty to clear your doubts.

25. Use Google as a teacher

Use the internet to extract diagrams and quotes for different topics. This will make your answer to look unique.

26. Read the entire question paper

After getting the question paper in the examination hall, give it a quick look. This will help you to understand where to start. Also, follow the next tip while reading the question paper.

27. Set the priority 

Imagine yourself attempting your second question and getting stuck. This will not only make you lose your time confidence but also end up dirtying your copy. Moreover, your examiner will also lose interest in your answer. 

28. Make the First Impression

The first impression is the last impression. If you attempt your first unit very well, you can earn credibility in the eyes of your examiner and he/she might take you for granted for the rest of the units.

29. Highlighting answer to the numerical

The final answer of the numerical must be highlighted. In fact, you can also highlight the formulas you are using. This increases the clarity of your answer.

30. Don’t forget to write units

SI units are important. They can cost you ‘One’ mark even if you have got the right answer. While revising, the first job you should do is to check for the units.

31. Mention the given data & formula  

While answering a numerical question always mention the given data and the formulas you are going to use in your answer. This will get you 30% of marks even with a wrong answer.

32. Use bullet points

Always use bullet points to showcase your answer. This makes your answer clear to the examiner. Do not use this tip if you are writing a fake answer.

33. Write more and more

If you want more marks to write more. The theoretical question for 10 marks must be written in three pages. Even after writing three pages you won’t end up getting 10 out of 10.

34. Underlining the keywords

When you are writing an answer on a page without leaving any space, underlining becomes important. You can underline the keywords which you want your examiner to notice.

35. Keep an Eye on you watch

The less and more of the 3 hours time duration depends on the difficulty of the paper. If the paper is easy 3 hours are enough or else even 5 hours are less. So, always have an eye on your watch. Here, is a piece of calculation for you.

Time Management during Exam

Exam Tips to Score 70+ Marks

Of course, getting 70+ is not a one month job which this category only for scholars. Here, I assume that you have studied in all your three internals and have an average of 22 marks(approx). Below are the 15 exam tips which can help you avoid the silly mistakes and score 70+ marks. 

36. Study Smart and Hard

To score 70+ marks, you gotta study smart and hard. You miss either of the two and you will be nowhere close to 70+ marks. You are already hardworking, follow the exam tips below to work smart.

37. Make an Exam Timetable

This is very important. With no routine or timetable, there is no end to the syllabus. Here is a sample of a timetable. 


The above sample covers 4 topics from 5 units in just 8 hours of study. You can adjust this as per your need. Although, one hour gap is advisable between the two topics.

38. Gather the Info

Gather the information about the pattern of exam. The amount of theoretical and numerical question asked in previous years. Whether the paper is lengthy or not. This will make your preparation and time management better. 

39. Go for the 5+1 Units

If you are planning for 70+ marks in a subject then studying 6 units is important. You never know about the question paper. It may contain one are two very difficult question and by studying six units you can avoid them.

40. Choose units with numerical

In my above tips, I have asked you to go for theoretical units. Here, I would like to ask you to go for the units with the maximum number of numerical. They have more chances of getting you full marks as compared to the theoretical ones.

41. Make your own notes

This is the most important of all the exam tips. Making your own notes not only help you to study smart but also help you to use it at the time of revision before the exam.

42. Attempt only 5 Units

No matter how easy the paper is, don’t even think of attempting more than 5 units. Follow the tip below to use your time in a better way.

43. Revise your paper

Revision is an important part of your answers. This helps you to cover your silly mistakes and calculation errors.

44. Handwriting

This is not exactly a tip rather a skill. If you have a good handwriting the chances of getting good marks are more. If the paper is easy and you have lots of time, try to make good handwriting.


45. Presentation

The presentation of your answer must be in a traditional way. Use headings, subheadings, bullet points etc to make your answer pleasant to the eyes and pen of the examiner.

46. Close the book 1 hour before the exams

Studying the final minutes of your exam might not be a good idea. It only makes you lose your confidence and creates useless doubts. 

47. Use study Apps but be careful

Sometimes study apps can be useful. Use these apps to clear your doubts and get some exam topic ideas. Although, VTU advice to use these apps with precaution as the information might be misleading.

48. Keep yourself motivated

Motivation is the key. Once you lose your motivation, you lose your interest. Always keep yourself motivated during the month of your exams. Watch videos or friends who are studying day and night.

49. Eat and Sleep Properly

During your exams eat light and healthy and sleep for at least 8 hours daily. This will enhance your concentrating power.

50. Watch Movies and Enjoy

Don’t get tensed. Keep enjoying and relaxing between your studies. Take a short break after each topic and a long one after a chapter. 


Do you have some extra tips from your own expirience? Comment Below 

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